Big, Bold, and Beautiful ! Owning the Woman YOU Were Made To Be…

She’s Got That Confidence OOH! LA! LA!

Well, well, well, looks like we've got a Big, Bold, and Beautiful woman here! Owning the woman you were made to be is no easy feat, but with that confidence, OOH LA LA, you can conquer anything! Now, how many times have you felt yourself shrink? Too many, right? It's time to stop making yourself small enough to fit into a role that you don't even want to be a part of. And how about all those times you've kept your mouth shut when you wanted to scream? Well, it's time to start screaming, girl! And let's not forget about all those times you've handed over your power to someone who didn't have your best interests at heart. It's time to take back that power and show them who's boss! Now, we all have our moments of weakness when we succumb to impulsive or addictive behavior. But don't beat yourself up over it, just make a clear-minded choice next time. And as for that little voice in your head telling you that you can't do it, tell it to shut up! You are strong, courageous, and confident enough to be all that you desire to be. That's why Master Certified Coach Nancy Duarte, a former therapist for the past 24 years plus, founded The Naked Truth Program. With the goal of creating a life of more meaning, purpose, and love, you can create the life you want and be the Big, Bold, and Beautiful woman you were meant to be. So go ahead and show the world what you're made of!


Boost Your Confidence Like A Boss Lady: Tips And Tricks To Help Women Conquer Self-Doubt And Rock Their Inner Queen!

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 It looks like we've got some serious decision-making going on here! 

Every day we're confronted with hundreds of choices that can either make us feel like the confident, strong, and worthy individuals we are or rob us of the things we disrespect the most.

But what's holding us back? Paralyzing fears, repressed self-confidence, and untapped courage, that's what! These obstacles are stopping us from making powerful choices that align with our best interests and deepest desires.

But fear not, my friend! A great life isn't something we experience, it's something we create. And every time we make a choice based on fear, we're sealing the belief that we're unworthy and not good enough to be in control of our lives, our thoughts, our beliefs, our choices, and most importantly, our future.
So, what do we need to do?

 We need to rebuild our confidence, baby! And the best way to start is by improving our self-esteem. 

We need to learn to love all of who we are - our history, our flaws, our weaknesses, and even our fears.
Once we start loving and accepting ourselves, nothing can stop us! 

So go out there and make those powerful choices, my confident, strong, and worthy friend!

Hey there, gorgeous! It's time to embrace the NAKED TRUTH MASTERMIND, 

where we're all about getting down to the bare essentials and discovering our purpose.


Let's get one thing straight - you're not here by mistake! No way, Jose! You're here for a reason, and it's time to start embracing it.

Will Durant said it best, "If we have never been amazed by the very fact that we exist, we are squandering the greatest fact of all." So, let's start amazing ourselves, shall we?

You have something that only YOU can give to the world. So, take a moment to consider what that is. Is it your killer dance moves, your witty sense of humor, or your amazing cooking skills? Whatever it is, it's time to own it, baby!

So, let's strip down to the NAKED TRUTH and start living our purpose. Who's with me?

Tears of Pain...

Broken Hearted?

Oh, honey, don't you worry, we've all been there! To the women who have taken too much, to the women who have given too much - we see you, girl! We know that sometimes it feels like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, and it's okay to feel like you want to run for the hills without a care in the world. But let's be real, if you did that, the whole world would fall apart without you!

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I Feel So Foolish

Oh girl, you're not foolish, you're just figuring it all out! We've all been there, feeling like we've settled into life and forgotten our values and standards. And let's be real, those men who played you were just playing themselves, too! But you know what's not playing around? Your self-respect, honey! You deserve to be loved for who you are, not just for what anyone offers you. And if you don't know who you are yet, that's okay! You're a work in progress, and that's something to be proud of. You don't need fancy trinkets or expensive trips to be loved, because you're already amazing just the way you are. So, let's start by loving yourself and embracing who you are. Once you do that, the right person will come along and love you for exactly who you are your flaws and all! So don't feel foolish, honey, just keep growing, keep learning, and keep being the badass woman that you are. We see you, we love you, and we're here for you!

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So, Who Are You Really?


Look who's feeling a little lost and overwhelmed. Don't worry, my friend, we've all been there. But let me tell you, it's time to put on your detective hat and figure out who the heck you are! Now, I know what you're thinking, "Who am I really? That sounds like some deep, existential stuff." But don't worry, it doesn't have to be that complicated. Start by asking yourself some fun questions like, "If I were a flavor of ice cream, what would I be?" or "If I could be any superhero, who would I choose?" And when it comes to setting boundaries, remember that you're not a doormat, you're a queen. Hey there, it's time to stop feeling lost and start feeling like a boss! Book a Roadmap Call with me and let's get you on the path to success! Together, we'll figure out what you want, where you want to go, and how to get there. We'll create a plan that works for YOU, not your mom, not your boss, not your ex, but YOU! No more feeling like a hot mess express, it's time to feel like a badass boss babe! So what are you waiting for? Book your Roadmap Call with me today and let's start building the life you deserve!

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Most women are always questioning their lives, asking themselves the same old questions. 

And let's be real, we all know what those questions are. 

“What am I doing with my life?” 

“Is this all there is?” 

“How do I find meaning?”

 "Can I have some chocolate please?" 

Okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the point.

We're always trying to please others, whether it's our kids, husbands, bosses, or even the neighbor's dog. 

And then we wonder why we're so darn tired all the time!

But let's face it, no matter how hard we try, we're never going to please everyone. 

And that's when the doubts start creeping in. 

Am I good enough? Am I doing enough? What the heck am I even doing?

And then our relationships start to suffer. 

We snap at our loved ones, forget to be kind, and just can't seem to handle everything at once. 

It's like we're juggling flaming bowling balls while riding a unicycle.

So, where do we go from here? 

We could head to the mountains to seek wisdom, but let's be real, we don't have time for that. 

Instead, let's take a moment to close our eyes and reflect on the little things around us.

And hey, while we're at it, let's give ourselves some advice. Like maybe, 

“Girl, take a break and treat yourself to some chocolate!”


And that's where you come in! You have something unique and special to offer to the world. 

It might be a talent, a skill, a passion, or a purpose.

 Whatever it is, it's something only you can bring to the table. 

So don't hold back, don't be afraid to shine, and don't let anyone tell you that you're not enough. 

You are amazing, you are valuable, and you have so much to offer. 

So go out there and show the world what you've got!


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What is The Naked Truth Program All About?

Looking for a program to help you strip away your insecurities and reveal your inner courage? Look no further than The Naked TruthMastermind - the most revealing, entertaining, and practical program out there! Over six weeks of storytelling videos, action assignments, worksheets, and audio lessons, you'll unlock the power within yourself to live a significant life, experience accomplishment, and achieve your goals FAST. Plus, you'll get to hang out with Nancy Duarte, life coach extraordinaire, in six weeks of LIVE online virtual coaching sessions. Nancy's storytelling videos are the stuff of legend - narrated by the life coach herself, they'll have you on the edge of your seat as you learn how to be bold, make sense of your life and purpose, and live intentionally with meaning. And the fun, innovative, and hands-on lessons will keep you engaged and entertained throughout the program. But that's not all - once you've completed the program, you'll get a Personal Bonus Workshop to help you create the life you want, complete with a RoadMap to guide you on your new amazing life journey. You'll work through the parts of yourself that may be difficult to accept, begin to honor yourself, and move away from toxicity to heal - all while gaining amazing discernment and clarity. With lifetime tools that you'll have for life, The Naked Truth Mastermind is the ultimate investment in yourself. So if you're ready to strip away your insecurities and live the life you've always dreamed of, sign up today!

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“What People Have To Say”

"Do I regret my toxic relationship? No. It helped me learn so many things not only about myself but what I truly deserved in a relationship. I am currently with the absolute love of my life now. I was able to set my dreams and work on areas of my life that needed attention. I'm free!" 

-  Peggy Brown


“I never considered myself worthy enough, until I took The Naked Truth Course.”

- Faye Keys


“Hands-down my favorite class I've ever taken.  Nancy is live with you and coaches you through it all! I am unafraid to take chances and my past struggles are gone. I know exactly who I am.”

- June Meyer


“One of the best things I could have done for myself! I love my emotional freedom since I began this course.”

 - Anabella Hernandez




Over the course of six weeks, you'll dive deep and discover the values that drive you, the ones that make you want to jump out of bed in the morning and seize the day.


01 BONUS: ‘Learn-When-You-Can-And-Where-You-Want.With our on-demand access to the course materials, you can take the course at your own pace and fit it into your busy schedule.

02 BONUS: First up, we've got an accountability Facebook group or buddy system - connect with like-minded people and support each other on this epic journey.

03 BONUS:  Next, we've got accountability tools like progress trackers and checklists to help you visualize your progress and stay motivated. Plus, we've got coaching and support sessions to work through any challenges you may face.

04 BONUS: “Think of me as your personal cheerleader, with pom-poms and everything. I'll be there to guide you every step of the way.”

05  BONUS: "I'll work with you to create a personalized game plan, like a strategy session with your own personal cheerleader. Go team you!"

***Personal Bonus Workshop 

after the course is finished to 

“Create The Life You Want” 

A RoadMap for your new amazing life! 

Nancy Duarte

Life Coach

Well, hello there! I'm a human-like you , but I must say, I'm not nearly as beautiful as you are! Throughout my coaching, I've learned that humans are pretty awesome, despite all their quirks and flaws. But hey, it's not all serious business, right? Life can be pretty funny sometimes! So, you're wondering what a does life coach like me do in The Naked Truth Mastermind? Well, a confident coach struts onto the field like they own the place, chest puffed out and head held high. They talk the talk and walk the walk, inspiring their team with their unwavering self-assurance. They'll shout out orders like a drill sergeant, but with a hint of sass and humor to keep things light. And when their team pulls off a sweet play, they'll give a knowing wink to the sidelines as if to say, "I knew they had it in them." In the Naked Truth Mastermind, there will be a combination of a superhero and a comedian, with just the right amount of swagger and charm to make you believe they can conquer anything. I am here to teach you so many sorts of things but most important to help you navigate the ups and downs of life, set goals, and find ways to achieve them. But let's be real, I'm not some magical genie that can solve all your problems with a snap of my circuits. At the end of the day, it's up to you to take action and make the changes you need to live your best life. But I'll be here every step of the way, cheering you on and offering guidance and support. So let's do this thing!

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“No matter how many cheaply scented lies you tell yourself and others about yourself, the stench of despair always makes a mockery of you!”

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